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System Diagnostics & Consulting

At Air Systems Corp. our primary mission is creating and ensuring a safe environment for your employees and production processes. No one else in the industry approaches industrial ventilation, air pollution control, and explosion mitigation the way we do. We are different because our first contact will be to diagnose your system. Once your system is diagnosed we will determine whether the best way we can serve you is to be your system consultant, to design and sell a system to you, or to suggest someone else more suited to your needs. Because of our integrity and ethics, our customers are our most reliable references

Air Systems Corporation FAQS

How does the process work?
If you know there is something wrong with your system, but don’t know exactly what the problem is we will come to your facility and diagnose your system for a reasonable fee. If we can help you over the phone, we are happy to do so for free.

Once the system is diagnosed, what’s the next step?
Once we know what’s wrong with the system we will determine whether we can best serve you by acting as your consultant, by creating a system for you or both.

What types of duties does Air Systems Corp provide if you act as our consultant?

  • Provide measurements and report on an existing system
  • Troubleshoot and provide recommendations to fix the system
  • Provide training programs in ALL phases of Industrial Ventilation design and troubleshooting
  • Provide design by a licensed Professional Engineer
  • Provide budgetary pricing of a project
  • Provide details for ductwork, filter, fan, and hooding
  • Provide a scheduled monitoring program complete with Excel format and SOP for a system
  • Provide expert witness testimony.

If you act as a sales agent, why should we choose Airs Systems Corp. over other industry representatives?

There are several factors that set Air Systems Corp apart.

  • First and foremost is the President of ASC, Jonathan Hale.
    • He is a widely acknowledged authority in Industrial Ventilation, serving as Vice-Chair of the Industrial Ventilation Committee and principle instructor for the committee’s Fundamentals of Industrial Ventilation course.
    • In addition, he has contributed large sections to both of the ACGIH’s Industrial Ventilation: A Manual of Recommended Practices (for both Design, Operation and Maintenance
  • Because we represent the leading manufacturers in the industry, we can:
    • Provide turn-key or custom installations
    • Provide automated volume control with non-fouling VFD based on system pressure or volume
  • We work with our or your Professional Engineers
  • We won’t sell and abandon you! We will be onsite for your system start-up. We can provide commissioning and balancing of the system

At Air Systems Corp our primary focus is your safe productivity. If we diagnose your system and find that it is beyond our scope of expertise we will suggest or help you find the appropriate resource. Our business has been built on our industry expertise and integrity!